Gynexin Ingredients - What Is Gynexin's Main Ingredients?

in Cholesterol

Gynexin Alpha Formula is a highly powerful blend of the finest, top quality ingredients and nutrients designed to reduce male breast tissue quickly, effectively and most importantly, safely.

Recommended dosage of Gynexin is two capsules a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, half an hour before a meal. A maximum of 4 capsules every 24 hours should not be exceeded. You should drink (250ml) 8oz of water with every serving. Provided you follow the directions and use Gynexin for at least three months, you should be extremely happy with the results.

In each Gynexin capsule you will find:

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is usually used to combat a chromium deficiency, for those individuals who for some reason cannot get enough chromium naturally through their daily diet. A good source of Chromium is Whole grain, Cheese and Brewer's yeast. If you are lacking this component in your diet, you will probably find you are prone to weight gain and lethargy and tiredness. Chromium Picolinate is Chromium that is combined with Picolinic acid; it is the easiest form of Chromium to absorb. Athletes, body builders and people wanting to maintain a healthy weight use Chromium Picolinate to maintain a desired weight or body metabolism. It also is proven to improve insulin resistance for diabetics and even help to lower cholesterol in those people with high cholesterol levels in their blood.

Theobromine Cacao

Theobromine is a type of alkaloid called a methylxanthine, which naturally occurs in plants. Themobromine Cacao is very similar to caffeine though not as strong, they are both alkaloids and has many health benefits; however unlike Caffeine it does not stimulate the central nervous system, more the heart and it is not considered to be addictive like Caffeine. It is also known as Xantheose, which is bitter and mainly found in the Cacao plant. Theobromine is found in abundance in all types of chocolate athough usually dark chocolate. It can increase heart rate and help to dilate blood vessels; this makes it an ideal way to lower high blood pressure. It it also useful at draining fluid, which makes it a useful treatment when treating a patient with heart failure as heart failure if often caused by a build up of fluid. Themobromine is also good for treating asthma symptoms; it relaxes key respiratory muscles which can relieve coughing.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is different to other teas in the way that it is prepared; it is not fermented like other teas. It contains a much higher amount of antioxidants that can fight the damaging free radicals from entering our bodies. Free radicals come from the atmosphere, air pollution, the sun etc.

Green Tea has an amazing array of health benefits, researchers claim this is because it contains a high level of antioxidants and polyphenols. They can prevent blood platelets from sticking together and lower bad cholesterol levels. There have been studies conducted with Green's Tea's benefit to breast and prostate cancer. Amongst other things and help to lower blood sugar and aid digestion.


Guggulsterones is an antioxidant that is taken from the Guggul tree's sap. The tree 'Commiphora Mukul' grows in the region of India. Guggulsterones are a very important supplement. It helps to regulate the levels of cholesterol and keep it at the right range for the body. Guggulsterones turn cholesterol into bile and help to assist the thyroid gland that enables the level to regulate cholesterol. It is also a very effective and beneficial treatment in Osteoarthritis and has been used in alternative medicines for this purpose and its effects for years. There is also some evidence to say it is effective at helping obesity.


Sclareolides is derived from the biennial herb, 'Salvia Sclarea'. It is used to increase the production of testosterone and decrease the production of oestrogen. It is found commonly in skin firming and slimming products as its main purpose is to shrink fat cells.

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Gynexin Ingredients - What Is Gynexin's Main Ingredients?

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